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The Opportunity

Million Dollar Sales Director – Jordan Eicher

College girl or wanting to stay home with your new baby, this one is for you! Young and fabulous! She began her Mary Kay Career in college and now, still in her 20’s is a Pink Cadillac driving, 6 figure earning, work from home with her new baby…mama!

A Mary Kay LEGEND – EENSD Kathy Helou

My National Sales Director, friend, mentor, cheerleader…she is amazing and her story is even better. Over $12 Million earned in Mary Kay. Kathy’s video truely captures the heart of Mary Kay. You will LOVE that you watched this…it really is a MUST SEE!

Million Dollar Sales Director, Kali Brigham FORMER NBC NEWS PRODUCER

She has done it all…from starting her Mary Kay business while she was a news producer for NBC NEWS while single to, newly married, then babies…Kali has worked this business through it all.

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