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Customer Care & Follow Up

Follow up with every single new customer 2 days, 2 weeks & 2 months after the appointment.

2 Days: Send out a quick text saying, “Hey ______! It’s your new MK girl!”

2 Weeks: Call/ text saying, “Hey ________! I wanted to check in with you about your (product name)….”

2 Months: Call saying, “Hey _______! It’s ______ with Mary Kay. I wanted to see if you’ve gotten the look book I just sent out……..”

The Preferred Customer Program (PCP)

Sign your customers up for a quarterly mailing of The Look! Sign up dates are posted on InTouch under Business tools > Preferred Customer Program.

Did you know that 55 percent of Independent Beauty Consultants who use the program are contacted by their customers, and 33 percent receive orders from their customers after The Look arrives in the mail?

Following up with your customers is one of the keys to success with the Preferred Customer Program℠. Contacting your customers 2-3 days before & 3-4 days after The Look begins mailing is key to providing quality customer care. Combined with your customers’ excitement, it could mean increased sales and more success for you!

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Be a Star Consultant

As a Star Consultant, you get to choose prizes for yourself – or your family. From totally indulgent to really practical, you can earn fabulous rewards just for working your business!
Consistent selling = consistent wholesale orders!

Star Quarter Tracking Sheet

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