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Mary Kay’s 4 Point Recruiting Plan

1. Before every skin care class, ask the hostess,
“Who is coming today who might be interested in doing what I do?”

2. Present your heartfelt, enthusiastic I-story at every skin care class and collection preview. Share why you began your Mary Kay business and what it means to you.

3. Select at least one person at every skin care class and offer her the Mary Kay opportunity. You may want to plant seeds by sending guests home with a recruiting packet, then meeting with them to tell them more about the Mary Kay opportunity.

4. Offer the hostess a special gift for any person she suggests who becomes an Independent Beauty Consultant.

Interview Outline

Interview Guide

​ ​Use this guide with each new potential team member during their interview. Scripts and tips for setting up the interview can be found in this Pearls of Sharing Document.

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