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Elite Executive Senior National Sales Director, Kathy Helou

The choice is right. Independent Elite Executive Senior National Sales Director Kathy Helou’s I-story takes the cake. She first heard about Mary Kay® products while she was a contestant on “The Price is Right” game show. Instead of a car, she won an assortment of Mary Kay® products valued at $56.

“I was 27 years old, wore very little makeup and was a sun worshiper,” Kathy recalls. “I also was on medical leave from my job, having been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa.”

Kathy was so impressed with the products that she purchased more from an Independent Beauty Consultant. But it was her husband who encouraged her to start her own business. She finally did, and what a career it has been. Kathy was the first Independent Sales Director to reach the $2 million sales mark, and now she’s a top Independent Senior National Sales Director.

But Kathy’s love for her business comes not from how much money she’s earned, but how it’s affected her family. “Ours is truly a family business,” Kathy says. “Both our daughters came home from the hospital in a pink Cadillac. Mary Kay’s Golden Rule philosophy permeates our family, and my children believe that all things are possible to them.”

Today, Kathy’s creed is “choose the best, release the rest.” “With the help of some fabulous women, we’ve climbed to the top,” she says. “Mary Kay Ash gave us a powerful legacy which we will carry and pass on.”

Career Highlights – Began, November 1981; Independent Sales Director, October 1982; Independent National Sales Director, March 1994; Two-Million-Dollar Sales Director; Inner Circle 10 times; Millionaires Club (has earned more than $12 million in commissions during her Mary Kay career); Traveled the world with Mary Kay.

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