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Lori Litzer
Sales Director
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Sylvania, Ohio 43560

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The Silver Wings Scholar Program:

Mary Kay Customer Service & Consultant Support


Congratulations on your decision to become a Mary Kay Independent Beauty
Consultant. I truly believe the reason for our success now and in the future can be traced to one common factor: quality people like you! Welcome to our fabulous Future Million Dollar Unit!

Our unit name is LEGENDARY LEADERS and our unit number is MW90. We are part of the Kathy Helou National Area and in the midst of building our own Offspring NSD Area of the Helou Area. We are proud to be part of the Emerald Seminar.

I love this business because you never stop learning and there are always opportunities to grow. As a new Consultant, I strongly urge you to start scheduling and holding your first appointments as soon as you receive your Starter Kit, because what you lack in experience you can make up for in enthusiasm! Although you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of continuous education in your Mary Kay Business, activity will provide your greatest sense of learning. Mary Kay herself often said, “You can do everything right with the wrong attitude and fail to succeed, but you can do everything wrong with the right attitude and succeed beyond your dreams!” The first few weeks of your Mary Kay business can really set the pace for your future.


Lori Litzer

Fun Facts!

Name: Lori Litzer

Family: Husband- Shawn, my soul mate, we’ve been married 15 years. We met while I was singing in a band. He came to fix the sound. We have 4 wonderful children (2 are my wonderful adult stepdaughters) Katie and Mary, and Isabella 15yrs, and Joey 9yrs. We also have 3 beautiful Grandchildren.

Favorite MK Memories: Too numerous to mention just one…Traveling with my greatest friends; Retreats in Charlotte, NC & other great destinations! Seminars; Leadership conferences; Meeting Mary Kay Ash behind the stage at a seminar when I was a DIQ, being trained by Mary Kay Ash at new director training in Dallas! Travelling to the Distribution Center when Kathy reached the 2 Million Goal!!

People would be surprised that: that my greatest fear before Mary Kay was talking to other women.

My Best Asset: My faith & family, and my ability to help and motivate others to succeed.

To Unwind I: Go to my basement and sing.

When I’m Worried I: Pray and talk it out with my mom.

My favorite places to vacation: is upstate New York at our cottage on Lake Butterfield.

My Favorite Meal: Homemade Italian sauce with Rigatoni and Italian bread

When I go out to eat I usually order: Salad with Chicken

My favorite time of the day: Early morning

Hobbies: Singing and teaching voice lessons.

I am motivated by: My children, providing great experiences for my family, and personal goals!

The best advice I ever received: You will remain the same until the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of change.

Advice I’d give a new recruit: Hold a Power Start right away and follow in the footsteps of the amazing women who have succeeded before you. Read and learn all you can about Mary Kay Ash, she is an amazing role model.

My Favorite MK gift: The paychecks of the heart.

My Mary Kay Role Model is: My National Sales Director Kathy Helou.

I Describe our company as: a tool that builds self esteem and cash!

My Mary Kay Ultimate Goal is: To debut as a National Sales Director!

My Mary Kay Seminar Goal is: To off spring leaders, build car drivers and advance our unit to the next unit club!

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