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Money Management

The 60/40 Split

Organizing your Office & Papers Use this sheet for each completed sales slip. Write your own paycheck from your profits each Friday.

Organizing your Office & Papers

1. Put every customer and their sales slip into your MyCustomers+ app (or MyCustomers on Intouch).

2. File each profile card, alphabetically, into a large 9x5 index card box (can be found at any office supply store)

3. Using a small paper organizer, label each section with “Order”, “Deliver” “Needs Paid”. File the sales slips that need attention in their respective slot. Once delivered and paid, throw away extra sales slip copies. (Make sure each one is in the MyCustomers+ app before throwing away!!!)

4. Make fake customers on MyCustomers+ called “Personal Use” and “Demo Product”. Each time you pull out a product for either use, simply put the product in as an order under that “customer”. Make sure not to file in your Weekly Accomplishment Sheet. This is for end-of-year & tax filing purposes.

Starter Kit & Mesh Bags

Mesh Bags

You will need to have a mesh bag (which originally held the mirrors) prepared for each guest containing everything on the list. Once at the party, simply open each mesh bag per place setting & easily arrange on placemat.

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